Hi. I'm Zaria.


And I've picked this font in hopes that you will read this paragraph. In fact, every choice made about this website has been contingent upon that hope. From the colors, to the order of content, to make you curious enough to find out that I've always wanted to be an entertainer. While some kids were playing video games or sports, I was putting on puppet shows, or dancing ballet for crowds pro bono while we waited for a table at a fancy restaurant. I was singing every Destiny's Child song that is now hidden away on my Dad's VHS tapes somewhere. (Yeah, that* long ago) 


And, if you've made it this far, you should know, I was never on a sports team. Blame it on living between Chicago, Atlanta, and LA because of my parents or because I've always enjoyed writing and living in stories more than flying projectiles. And there's no shame in the game! Or games? But I was the geek in theatre, singing my first solo on stage at 12 years old. And I really took the phrase "you could be black, white, or purple" literally when I played Violet in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. But, obviously, in High School I was "too cool" for theatre. Because in High School you're "too cool" for anything (And everything) But, acting still found its way into my life.  


I performed Drama and Duo scripts nearly every weekend of Sophomore and Junior year as a Speech Champion recognized by the state and nationally...But I was "too cool" for theatre???? I won't try to rationalize teen brain because you've been gracious enough to read nearly my entire autobiography. And this is where I tell you I am fluent in French, studied and lived abroad, graduated a "5 year" International business major in 3.5 years, write poetry and scripts, cook, paint, and shit glitter! I wish that last one was a joke but I wear a lot of glitter lipstick when I play PowerPop a lead on a youtube series called The Super Pops where I sing and dance and sometimes digest obscene amounts of glitter makeup. ...And...well... you know. Anyways! I'm done Kanye-ing about myself. Thanks for reading!

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